Video Production. Simplified.

We’ve made quality video production more scalable, accessible, and cost-effective for brands, for a predictable monthly spend.

There’s a better way


Chances are you or your marketing team have outsourced video production before. You’ll know that social medias ability to rapidly chew through content means the shelf life of that expensive ‘hero video’ isn’t what it once was. Outsourcing in this ad-hoc way can be very expensive and usually results in a single piece of content.

Unfortunately, many brands continue to fall into a trap of seeing video as a ‘one and done’ activity. Because of this, video output is irregular and offers no consistency for your brand or audience. Until now.

Why a subscription model?


Maximise your budget

Our simple pricing model allows you to budget a predictable and cost effective spend. One fee. Multiple videos.

Consistent content

We send out a video-crew every month to capture valuable content to keep your social channels full and audience engaged

Creative support

You’ll receive regular planning sessions, where we look at your marketing objectives and build a series of captivating video ideas

Save time

Get your next video project moving instantly without having to go through the tedious back and forth process of getting quotes

“Can’t we just take video production in-house”?


Of course. But you might want to watch the video on the right to discover the true cost of doing it properly.

Remember your marketing team are not video creators. They are experts in their field. Trying to cut corners (or costs) by asking your already busy marketing manager to produce video alongside all their other responsibilities because “anyone can do it” probably won’t give you the consistency or quality you desire long term.

By all means, you can try. Video production can absolutely be done in-house. Just don’t be disillusioned. To do it well might just cost more than you think.

Example videos




Client Success Story


In the past, we’ve created maybe one or two hero videos a year. But working with The Video Creators, we’ve been able to publish fresh content every month and maximise our budget.

Emma Baker | Brand Manager – Tchibo Coffee International

Client Success Story


“The Video Creators have done a really great job at embedding themselves within our team and supporting us with new ideas on how we can use video. The subscription model allows us to have a pipeline of video content which we can feed out to customers on a regular basis for a similar budget we used to spend on a single project once a year.”

Jake Cooper | Marketing – L3Harris

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Every month, our video crew will capture a batch of valuable footage at locations of your choice, which once edited, gives you a consistent stream of high-quality video content for social.

What is 'Creative Support'?

Creative support is a planning consultation service which is included in your subscription. We help you develop a strong video content plan which aligns with your marketing goals. This includes developing the messaging, creating shot lists, and essentially doing the heavy-lifting in pre-production to ensure the filming day runs smoothly.

How long is a video?

For best engagement we recommend videos being between 30-60 seconds long for social media.

What does filming include?

We send our skilled video crew to a location of your choice once per month where we can capture footage of your products, customer interviews, general operations, and more. Our team are experts in camera-operating, lighting, and interviewing and we invest heavily in the latest filming equipment to ensure we acheive the best production-value for your projects.

How long do the videos take to edit?

Our editing team pride themselves on creating high-quality content with a speedy turnaround! We can return up to 6 edited videos within 72 hours.

What does the editing process look like?

We select the best clips, build the narrative, add graphics, apply colour correction, music, subtitles, and make sure your videos look top notch.

Do you charge extra for music and stock footage?

No. Unlike traditional video production companies, you have unlimited access to our vast library of licensed music tracks and stock footage.

Where is our footage stored?

We keep a secure on-site and off-site backup of your footage on your own dedicated hard-drives.

Can you provide filming anywhere in the UK?

Yes. If you choose the full content production package, your subscription includes nationwide filming. However, travel and subsistence costs may apply.